After Builders Cleaning Chiswick

after-builders-cleaningWhen you reconstruct, redecorate or remodel your home there is always a lot of residue left after the end of the working process. This residue may range from big blocks to fine dust that can’t be cleaned so easily. Cleaning after builders takes a lot of time and it isn’t easy to do it yourself. This is exactly what we at Cleaners Chiswick can offer you.

If you don’t want to do this hard task by yourself then we recommend you contact a professional cleaning company that will handle the task for you. The service that clean up after construction work is called after builders cleaning and it is quickly gaining popularity among people. However, keep in mind that this kind of cleaning rarely involves upholstery, rug and carpet cleaning, but our company in Chiswick, SW11 offer discounts if you order these services in a bundle.

After builders cleaning might sound simple and doable by everyone, but the truth is that construction work might leave a lot of fine dust that can easily be overlooked. A specialist cleaner begins by deep cleaning the entire house. The walls are cleaned too and then the floors are vacuumed and mopped. Special flooring like marble and wood is hand washed.

The inside of windows, window frames and sills is cleaned as well. There is one room that is more thoroughly cleaned and this is the kitchen. The excessive cleaning is due to the need to maintain proper hygiene in this area.