Sofa Cleaners Chiswick

People spend a big part of their day in the living room and mainly on the sofas. However, upholstered furniture like a regular sofa can attract a lot of dust and grime which won’t only ruin its good look, but will also give it an unpleasant odor. This is why you must regularly clean any upholstered furniture – this is the only way to preserve their good condition.

This is a task that anyone can do, but the result will be questionable. If you want your sofa to be cleaned professionally then don’t hesitate to contact our company and ask for the professional sofa cleaning services we offer. We will quickly give you a quote depending on the sofa’s size and condition. We assure you that the cleaning methods we use are 100% environmentally friendly and million times more effective than any other type of cleaning.

We offer different cleaning solutions and our prices are competitive, but you will learn more about that when you contact us. Here is a brief explanation of our sofa cleaning method.

Naturally, the first thing our cleaning team does is to vacuum the sofa, but we don’t use ordinary vacuums. The machine we use is smaller, portable and not as powerful as a regular vacuum. This prevents damage and deformation of the upholstery. We will clean every corner, crevice and nook and if the dust is too fine we will use a blower that will remove even the deepest and smallest dust particles.

The second step is to remove any stains by using our special cleaning solutions. However, we don’t use the same reagent for every sofa – sofas are made out of different materials and we choose the cleaning reagent after analyzing the material of the sofa. In most cases we provide the cleaning solution, but it is recommended that you have at least one.