Cleaning Company Chiswick

cleaning-companyOur cleaning services in Chiswick, London take care of specific spaces like homes, apartments, offices, properties and others. The services come in various packages that cater to the needs of different customers who require various cleaning types.

Our cleaning company offer all kinds of services – from the regular ones like cleaning an entire home to cleaning just carpets and rugs. Here we will take a look at the cleaning services which our company offers and what they include.

If you have been searching for professional cleaning solutions then you have probably noticed that our cleaning agency offer house cleaning and domestic cleaning – so what’s the difference between these two? None, they are basically the same services, just with different names.

Domestic cleaning refers to the regular upkeep of your home. In this case every room of the house is cleaned on a regular basis. If a house is about to be put on a market it has to pass certain hygiene checks and the house cleaning service is the perfect choice as it will leave the place sparkling clean and the place will easily pass the check.

Another one of the common services is the End of Tenancy Cleaning. As you can tell by the name, this is a service mostly used when you are about to handover the house to the landlord. All landlords check their place at the end of the tenancy period and if the house doesn’t pass the check, you will need to pay a fee to the landlord.

After builders cleaning is another popular service. If you have been reconstructing or redecorating your home, you have probably left a lot of trash, residue and etc. This service takes care of removing any dust and residue that came as a result of repairing your home.